Advantech Launches UNO-247 Fanless Entry-Level Edge Computer for IT Applications

Feb. 6, 2020

Advantech, a leading provider of industrial computing platforms, is pleased to announce the UNO-247—a fanless entry-level Internet of Things (IoT) edge computer aimed at information technology (IT) applications. Equipped with an Intel Celeron J3455 processor, comprehensive I/O ports, and VGA, and HDMI display interfaces, UNO-247 is designed to deliver edge computing power at a competitive price. To ensure flexible configuration and easy deployment for diverse industries, the system I/O includes 4 x USB, 2 x GigaLAN, 4 x RS-232, and 2 x RS-485 ports. The fanless design reduces the accumulation of dust and foreign contaminants in harsh environments, while the threaded DC jack enables locking to prevent unexpected power disconnections or interruptions. Overall, the UNO-247 provides a reliable edge gateway solution that can be configured according to specific applications, such as factory automation and environment monitoring.

Optimized Form Factor for Easy Assembly and Convenient Maintenance

Advantech’s UNO-247 is a compact platform that ensures convenient installation with high applicability and integration potential. The entire form factor has been optimized for internal space savings, an increased mean time before failure (MTBF), more reliable signal transmissions, and higher shock and vibration tolerance. Moreover, to reduce system downtime and ensure convenient maintenance, the platform’s mechanical design has been improved to enable memory installation/swapping without disassembling the entire chassis.

Fanless Platform with Lockable DC Jack for Industrial Environments

The UNO-247 features a fanless design that reduces the accumulation of dust and foreign contaminants, making it suitable for operation in harsh industrial environments. To prevent unexpected power disconnections or interruptions, the UNO-247 power adaptor is equipped with a threaded DC jack that allows the connector to be locked in place, ensuring a stable and reliable power supply.

Cost-Efficient Software-Ready Solution with Comprehensive I/O

Powered by an Intel® Celeron J3455 processor equipped with 4 x USB, 2 x GigaLAN, 4 x RS-232, and 2 x RS-485 ports, as well as 1 x VGA and 1 x HDMI, UNO-247 delivers comprehensive I/O to facilitate a wide range of applications. Moreover, UNO-247 supports the Windows 10 LTSC and Linux operating systems, and can be equipped with Advantech’s WISE-PaaS/DeviceOn software solution to enable remote monitoring and management. The extensive system features and software-ready design make the UNO-247 a cost-efficient intelligent edge gateway ideal for diverse IoT operations.

Key Features

·     Intel Celeron J3455 processor

·      Robust system with high stability

·      2 x GbE, 2 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0, 4 x RS-232, 2 x RS485, 1 x HDMI, 1 x VGA 

·      Compact form factor with fanless design

·      Rubber stopper design for stand mount and optional kit for DIN-rail mounting

·      Optional 3G/GPS/GPRS/Wi-Fi communication

·      Threaded DC jack for connection stability

·      Optimized mechanical design for easy RAM installation   

Advantech’s UNO-247 fanless entry-level IoT edge computer is available for order now. For more information about this or other Advantech products and services, contact your local sales support team or visit the Advantech website at