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Navigating the Future Landscape of Industrial Automation Excellence

June 10, 2024
Join experts from Bosch Global Software Technologies, Konecranes, and Qt Group as they explore the future of Industrial Automation, delving into groundbreaking technologies and envisioning the transformative potential they hold for manufacturing.

During the webinar, they'll discuss:

  • Digital Twin: Understand its definition, explore how factories simulate interactions, and uncover the benefits.
  • Graphics Capabilities & Advanced UI Technology: Explore advancements in graphics capabilities and user interface technologies within industrial automation.
  • Connectivity in Smart Factories: Dive into the Internet of Things and connected devices, drawing insights from Bosch’s expertise.
  • Quality Assurance, Cybersecurity, and Compliance: Explore critical aspects of safety, regulatory compliance, and secure operations.
  • AI & Beyond: Look beyond basic automation - leveraging AI’s potential and the ever-expanding hardware capabilities.
  • The Industry’s Vision: Peer into the future - where will industrial automation lead us in the next decade?


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