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Top Tips for Selecting a Future-Proof Machine Control Platform

June 17, 2024

Digital technologies continue to be refreshed at a rapid pace. This makes it challenging for industrial automation suppliers, machine builders, and end users in factories and other manufacturing facilities to upgrade their existing machine controllers to keep up with the latest technology while also preserving their existing investments in hardware, software, and training. In this dynamic environment, traditional programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are not the best choice as “future-proof” industrial control systems.

That’s because upgrading a conventional PLC to the latest central processing unit (CPU) technology often requires a complete system replacement. The latest generation of industrial PC (IPC)-based controllers, in contrast, can provide the needed real-time performance and support future advanced industrial automation solutions. Significantly, IPCs can also enable you to migrate to new, more powerful controllers in your current controller platform without having to force fit new form factors into your existing cabinets, swap out cabling, revise software, or retrain your employees.

Explore these tips for selecting a highly flexible, easily upgradeable, future-proof controller platform for manufacturing.

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