Motor/Drive Systems Maintain Speed Regardless of Load

Nov. 13, 2020
Oriental Motor highlighted its BMU and BLE2 series of high-performance, IP66 motors that feature speed and torque monitoring.

In his demonstration at PACK EXPO Connects, Bryan Nguyen, engineering manager at Oriental Motor, showcased the company’s BMU and BLE2 series of brushless motor and drive systems. Both systems use the same motor, said Nguyen, and are compact, efficient systems designed for ease of speed changes. Both series are available in 30W, 60W, 120W, 200W, 300W, and 400W versions.

“The brushless motor used in these series offers a built in Hall Effect sensor to maintain close loop speed regulation,” Nguyen explained. “This allows for plus or minus 0.2% regulation under load, meaning that, regardless of the load, the speed will be maintained.”

Another key feature of these motor/drive systems is their IP66 rating of protection against dust, oil, and other non-corrosive materials, including water.

Both series feature “rugged and compact connectors with metal locking levers that allow for direct connection to the drivers,” said Nguyen. They also offer three different cable orientations: cable exiting towards the shaft, cable exiting away from the shaft, and cable exiting perpendicular to the motor.

In his demo of the BMU series, Nguyen used a 30W motor with a 50:1 gear attached to a belt pulley to replicate a conveyor application. The system can display motor speed or conveyor speed, and users can preset four different speed settings via inputs on the back of the drive.

He also showed how the system can be used to monitor load factor. By switching from speed monitoring mode to torque monitoring mode, users can see how the torque value increases as load is applied. Switching back to the speed monitor display while maintain the load shows that the system’s speed is maintained.

Features of the BLE2 emphasized by Nguyen include the motor/drive system’s built-in display control panel, which makes it easy for users to change parameters on the drive. “There's also a mini-USB port that allows the system to connect to a computer for parameter changes using Oriental Motor’s free MEXE02 software.

Focusing on the MEXE02 software, Nguyen showed how it displays the operation data and parameters of the drive. Monitoring tools are also available in the software, allowing users to view alarm and I/O status. Up to 16 different data points can be preset in the software to monitor operating speed and torque limit, as well as acceleration and deceleration values.

Gear options available for the BMU and BLE2 motor/drive series include a GFV parallel shaft gear, with an H1 food grade grease option; a JV parallel shaft; a JB foot-mounted parallel shaft; and JH right angle and FR flat gear hollow shaft options,” added Nguyen. All but the FR Gear are IP66 rated.

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