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How Snowflake Merges IT and OT Data

Snowflake’s Tim Long explains how Snowflake fits among the cloud computing providers and how its SaaS model enables manufacturers to access massive compute power on demand.

Organizing Data for Real-Time Manufacturing Insights

The top considerations for manufacturers to establish an information platform that effectively collects and manages data for analysis and decision support systems.
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How Data Can Future-Proof Manufacturing Modernization

From attracting and retaining a quality workforce to improving maintenance and reliability, establishing the three pillars of a strong data foundation can help ensure a manufacturer...
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Mitsubishi Invests in ThinkIQ Around Manufacturing and Supply Chain Transformation

Using ThinkIQ’s SaaS platform, all relevant operations data can be brought into a single analytics platform to provide context and discoverability for supply chain and manufacturing...
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The Most Impactful Automation Technologies of 2024

A study of global technology leaders conducted by IEEE highlights the industries to be most impacted by technology in 2024 as well as which technologies will have the most effect...

Applied AI for Assembly and Training

Rapta’s configurable artificial intelligence platform replicates human eye and brain functions to help workers deliver 100% quality assembly and inspection while also providing...

Werner Electric Optimizes Warehouse with AI and Digital Twins

Working with Tecsys, Werner Electric developed a smart inventory system for its warehouse that improved picks per hour by 30%.
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Connecting Data Center Siloes

Eaton’s Brightlayer Data Centers suite is designed to unite asset management, IT and operations technology device monitoring, power quality metrics in a single, native application...


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How Artificial Intelligence Can Be Applied to Model Predictive Control

This video is an excerpt from the podcast interview with Bruce Slusser of system integrator Avanceon. Access the full podcast at:
Mpc Discrete

Does Model Predictive Control Work in Discrete Manufacturing?

This video is an excerpt from the podcast interview with Bruce Slusser of system integrator Avanceon. Access the full podcast at:
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Which Production Metrics Should I Track?

How manufacturers should assess their operations to figure out which metrics to track with MES software.
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Beckhoff Demonstrates Machine Analytics

Using a CNC milling machine to showcase the functions of its analytics software, Beckhoff explained the software’s use for applications ranging from predictive maintenance to ...


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Big Data: What is it and How is Industry Using it?

A down-to-earth look at the technologies behind Big Data and advice from industry on using it.