Using Cloud Metrology to Improve Quality

Aug. 30, 2023
Hexagon’s new Metrology Reporting app enables users to track real-time part quality trends on any device during production and receive automated alerts.

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has released new cloud-based metrology trend reporting software that automatically acquires and processes real-time data to help manufacturing teams more quickly analyze and report on key quality control metrics to resolve issues faster.

Metrology Reporting, a Nexus App, uses Hexagon’s platform capabilities to identify tolerance issues and trace problems with a part to a batch ID to obtain a greater understanding of any quality issues. The software makes critical indicators available to all users and provides up-to-date reporting on any device as needed. Users can also invite external users to access a live read-only report through Nexus, which can help to streamline compliance reporting as well as conduct reviews with customers or suppliers.

In addition to tracking part quality in real-time and sending alerts to users, the Metrology Reporting app also helps users troubleshoot issues with interactive visualization and CAD-to-metrology comparison reports. Hexagon notes that the app’s built-in collaboration ensures that manufacturers can solve quality issues faster and share up-to-date information with colleagues and supply chain stakeholders through a web interface.

The app can connect to metrology software such as Hexagon’s PC-DMIS and Quindos in addition to third-party sources to provide cloud data management and reporting without having to add any new on-premises IT systems or devices. According to Hexagon, viewing metrology data from PC-DMIS and Quindos enables users to monitor dimensional quality metrics across batches of parts and drill down into an individual part from mobile devices when away from the shop floor.

“Customers can easily upload untapped metrology data to spot trends and address quality issues fast,” said Gary Peacock, general manager of metrology software at Hexagon. “Feeding quality data back into the hands of people who are making parts is essential to transform quality and productivity.”

Try out the Nexus Metrology Reporting app at no cost at:

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