Energy Storage Solutions Integration with Wind and Solar

Jan. 9, 2024
The growing importance of energy storage solutions in the context of alternative energy sources like solar and wind.

Finding energy storage solutions in alternative energy sources, such as solar and wind, is a matter of high importance, according to a recent article from partner publication Control. Through the integration of advanced controls, AI-enabled peak prediction software and battery systems, engineers can optimize the usage of green energy, enhance efficiency and address challenges like intermittent power sources.

The global director for energy storage solutions at Honeywell, Prudence Hoffman, emphasizes the need for flexibility and sustainability, highlighting the role of stationary energy storage, controls and AI in managing peak energy use efficiently. The deployment of battery containers at solar facilities and the implementation of onsite microgrids with photovoltaic and battery energy storage systems showcase real-world applications where automation technologies contribute to reliable energy operations and sustainability goals.

Additionally, this technology implementation provides the economic benefits for users, such as revenue generation through efficient use of battery systems, cost reduction during peak energy periods and potential contributions to corporate sustainability targets.

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