Seeq Adds Generative AI Capabilities

March 27, 2024
The new Seeq AI Assistant adds artificial intelligence capabilities, accelerating operational excellence across the industrial enterprise.

Seeq, a supplier of industrial analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies has unveiled the Seeq AI Assistant, a generative AI (GenAI) technology that will be embedded across its industrial analytics platform. According to Seeq, the Seeq AI Assistant “provides real-time assistance to users across the enterprise, empowering frontline experts in process engineering, data science and operations to rapidly bridge process, analytics and coding knowledge gaps, unlocking workflows and results that were previously time and effort prohibitive or impossible.” 

“By combining GenAI with advanced industrial analytics, organizations can unlock new levels of efficiency, accuracy and innovation that deliver measurable business impact,” said Dustin Johnson, chief technology officer at Seeq. “Integrating the Seeq AI Assistant across the Seeq platform enables team members across industrial organizations to harness the power of GenAI to drive favorable operational excellence, profitability, workforce upskilling, and sustainability outcomes and stay ahead in an increasingly competitive landscape.”

Brian Scallan, director of continuous improvement at Ascend Performance Materials, said, “With the Seeq AI Assistant, we expect to decrease our process experts’ learning curve for advanced analytics and machine learning by 50% or possibly more. For our extensive user base, this translates into immediate enhancements in process quality and yields, significantly elevating efficiency and value across the organization.”

A recent study by Deloitte shows that 93% of industrial companies believe that analytical insights delivered by AI will be needed to bolster operational excellence in the face of roadblocks such as a shortage of skilled workers, siloed capabilities within organizations and untapped stockpiles of time series data. Seeq said its AI Assistant provides organizations with the opportunity to debottleneck the processes and decisions workers face on the frontlines of industry.

Through its enablement of on-demand access to critical time series data, data contextualization capabilities, and established intellectual property, Seeq technology uses the advanced analytics, data science, machine learning and coding knowledge to operationalize the power of GenAI for its customers. “Combining these competencies with prompt engineering curated by the world-class analytics and learning engineers at Seeq, the Seeq AI assistant generates accurate and actionable suggestions for analytical approaches and techniques, code generation and more,” the company said.

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