AI Capabilities Added to IFS Cloud

June 28, 2024
The newest update to IFS Cloud includes an AI Copilot to help users understand operations data across a company’s supply chain as well industry-specific tooling for maintenance and regulatory compliance.

IFS, a supplier of enterprise cloud and industrial AI (artificial intelligence) software, has added AI-powered functionality to its IFS Cloud software. This update includes the Copilot, designed to help users better understand and use data from across a company’s supply chain and operations. 

“At a time where regulation in Europe and the U.S. is making companies take action in how they set and manage their sustainability commitments, we are offering new AI-powered capabilities that help companies improve their operations and report progress,” said Christian Pedersen, chief product officer at IFS. 

In addition to the new industrial AI functionality in IFS Cloud, industry-specific tooling has also been added. For example, the new Aircraft Release to Service functionality automatically detects and flags missing mandatory components and overdue maintenance tasks for compliance and risk reduction. The new Aircraft Airworthiness Status Insights provides visibility and control of fleet status and aircraft in maintenance.

Other features of IFS Cloud include:

  • Analytics as a Service to provide equipment and operations insights while reducing capital expenditure and operating costs. 
  • Transport Loading to improve the shipment process by supporting greater capacity utilization and faster goods loading. 
  • Task Bundling for Service to increase technician efficiency and reduce travel costs and emissions while improving service margins. 
  • Maintenance Planning and Scheduling updates to improve visibility and drive efficient asset maintenance and compliance. 
  • Supply Chain Customer Scheduling to handle multiple open schedules from the same plant simultaneously, increasing productivity and time savings. 
  • Advanced SLA Management to increase margins, SLA adherence and compliance. 
  • Incomplete and Follow-On Process to enhance service management with a guided technician process for reporting to achieve SLA compliance, avoid penalties and improve customer satisfaction. 
  • Business-to-Business Portal, which lets contractors record multi-site work for greater control and visibility while streamlining the communication process between contract and asset owners. 
  • Emissions Tracker to accurately track progress against sustainability through emissions data collection. 
  • Support for Circular Manufacturing to support the planning of remanufacturing processes, enabling the introduction of new revenue streams and lower carbon footprint. 
  • Packing Material Management to handle unit accessories as inventory and increase the use of reusable packaging. 

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