Matrox Imaging Announces Work-From-Home Support in Response to COVID-19

April 7, 2020
New measures in place offering provisional software licenses and access to online training platform to support those working remotely.

In response to the extraordinary circumstances stemming from the global pandemic, Matrox Imaging today announces new measures to support application developers as they work from home in an effort to mitigate further spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).  Matrox Imaging is now offering provisional software licenses to support existing users, allowing them to continue development efforts while away from the workplace. Moreover, Matrox Vision Academy—the online training portal—continues to be available to those wishing to learn how to use Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) and Matrox Design Assistant vision software. Interested parties need simply request an evaluation.

Supporting development and innovation in work-from-home scenarios

Beginning today, developers with registered MIL or Matrox Design Assistant software can request provisional licenses. These licenses—valid until June 1, 2020—enable development from home using the specific software version and configuration provided by users’ employers.  Both software platforms are specifically designed to enhance productivity, and under this new licensing provision, users can continue to leverage these industry-leading software platforms for developing machine vision applications, reducing the time and effort required to bring new solutions to market.

Expanding access to on-demand training videos to optimize learning opportunities

Matrox Imaging likewise encourages all parties interested in machine-vision application development to visit the Matrox Vision Academy online learning platform to explore the range of training videos on Matrox Imaging’s flagship software products. Designed to serve Matrox Imaging software users around the world, the on-demand portal provides an extensive collection of videos, courses, and tutorials on key machine-vision tools and topics.  The Matrox Vision Academy platform is accessible to any interested parties—with no obligation to download either software. The aim is to allow those working from home to become familiar with MIL and Matrox Design Assistant software. Users can thus build out skillsets and knowledge on their own timeline and from their remote locations.  “We are here to help our valued customers through this unprecedented turn of events,” says Sam Lopez, senior vice president of sales & marketing. “Contact your local Matrox Imaging sales representative to obtain the provisional software licenses, and go to the MIL or Matrox Design Assistant evaluation request forms on our website to get access to the online training portal. Matrox Imaging is doing all we can to facilitate development and training, which is imperative to helping businesses and organizations navigate these challenging times, support those working from home—and come out stronger on the other end.”

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