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ERP Extends E-Commerce and 3PL Comparison Capabilities

Online shopping is creating more obstacles for manufacturers, like finding the right logistics partner. As a result, Deacom added rate shopping options to its enterprise software...
An Open Process Automation testbed was launched in 2020 at ExxonMobil’s The Woodlands, Texas, facility. Working with Yokogawa as the systems integrator, the testbed contains hardware and software products from a variety of suppliers and is currently confirming readiness for components and standards to support the system design for a field trial in 2021.

How COVID-19 Pushed ExxonMobil’s Automation Technology Limits

From remote access and robotics to artificial intelligence-driven operator assistants, ExxonMobil is using industry’s operational realties during the pandemic to drive the development...
Petasense's VSx vibrations sensor is said to be the first three-in-one industrial sensor to combine vibration, temperature, and speed sensing functionalities.

Sensors Step Up to Industry Demands

From monitoring COVID-19 vaccine temperatures to combining vibration, temperature, and speed in one device, new sensor technology is addressing industry needs on an ever-wider...
Using Beumer Smart Glasses provides operators with hands-free troubleshooting, and helps to mitigate the costs of a technician traveling to the customer site.

Smart Glasses Ease Troubleshooting Communication

Beumer has added augmented reality to the tools available to its customers while servicing equipment, enabling faster, easier support. The OEM even used the smart glasses technology...
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COVID-19 Accelerates Industrial AR/VR Use

With their ability to minimize operator errors, reduce training time, and enable remote assistance, augmented and virtual reality technologies are seeing a growth in interest ...
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COVID-19 May Boost Cloud and Edge Computing

Though there is much discussion of “the cloud” in manufacturing, its use is not as widespread as it might appear, though the pandemic may prompt expanded use.
Will Aja, vice president customer operations, Panacea Technologies.

Technological Transitions During a Pandemic

As companies continue to operate while adhering to social distancing regulations and implementing contact tracing due to the global pandemic, the adoption of virtualization and...


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How Industry is Using Cloud, Edge, and Fog Computing Today

Comparing 2021 survey data on industrial cloud, edge, and fog computing use to a similar 2019 survey shows how the pandemic is transforming industry’s use of these technologies...
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Technology Matters: Maintenance and the Digital Transformation, Virtual Assistants, IoT Adoption and COVID-19

A review of key developments we’ve recently covered to help you stay on top of what’s happening in the world of industrial automation.