Sensors Step Up to Industry Demands

Feb. 18, 2021
From monitoring COVID-19 vaccine temperatures to combining vibration, temperature, and speed in one device, new sensor technology is addressing industry needs on an ever-wider scale.

For the past several years now, there’s been an intense focus on sensor technology—from direct Ethernet connectivity to its role in delivering granular data about production for Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 applications. And developments in sensor technology continue to keep pace with the changing requirements of industry.

Evidence of such developments can be seen in two recent announcements from Swift Sensors and Petasense. 

3-in-1 sensor
Petasense has released the VSx vibrations sensor, which it says is the first three-in-one industrial sensor to combine vibration, temperature, and speed sensing functionalities.

According to Petasense, VSx’s integrated speed detection allows users to take measurements during specified speed ranges or when the asset is operating. Embedded smart sensing allows the sensors to communicate with each other, providing synchronized readings across multiple sensors. By taking simultaneous measurements, users are reportedly able to better diagnose developing problems.

Data from the VSx is sent from the corresponding transmitter securely over standard Wi-Fi to the Petasense Asset Reliability and Optimization (ARO) Cloud. Petasense says ARO uses machine learning algorithms, coupled with a library of assets and failure modes, to continuously assess asset health. Web and mobile apps allow users to monitor assets remotely and receive insights through real-time notifications.

“The VSx is the first sensor of its kind, addressing the biggest challenge for monitoring variable speed, spared, or batch assets,” said Dan Bradley, CEO of Petasense.

Vaccine temperature monitoring
In response to the critical need to monitor COVID-19 vaccine storage temperatures, Swift Sensors has released a secure wireless vaccine package, which includes the company’s new wireless sub-zero remote temperature sensor and wireless gateway (to receive the sensor’s data and transmit it to a secure cloud-based Swift Sensors Console account).
Users can view temperatures in real time on their computer or mobile device, as well as alerts via text, voice or email if the storage unit temperature exceeds established thresholds.

Swift Sensors offers a choice of two temperature sensor: the SS-SEN-110 measures temperatures from -320°C to +302°C, while the SS3-105 measures temperatures from -40°C to +125°C.

The Swift Sensors Console stores historical temperature readings to comply with CDC and state health department data logging requirements, without having to spend employee time manually recording or updating temperature data. 

“Data loggers have historically been used in cold-chain monitoring of vaccines, pharmaceuticals and other critical perishable items. However, they lack the low cost, simplicity, and connectivity of wireless sensors connected to the internet,” said Ray Almgren, Swift Sensors’ CEO. “Our new sub-zero temperature sensor delivers an all-in-one, cost-effective solution for the safe and fast distribution and delivery of much-needed vaccines.”

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