Eliminating Data Siloes for Better Cybersecurity

May 12, 2022
ServiceNow is augmenting its Now platform with asset inventory and vulnerability data from Tenable’s Tenable.ot to enable mitigation of operations level cybersecurity threats as part of user workflows.

As industrial companies connect plant-level software and devices to internet-connected systems, cybersecurity has become a critical operations issue for manufacturers of all sizes. While greater systems connectivity expands the efficiency of plant floor operations, it also introduces countless new vectors for potential cyberattacks.

Technology suppliers are increasingly working together to address these plant floor cybersecurity issues. An example of such efforts can be seen in the expanding partnership between Tenable and ServiceNow. Tenable—provider of the Cyber Exposure Platform, which monitors networks, predicts threats, and acts to remediate them—is bolstering ServiceNow’s Now Platform by enabling it to use asset inventory and vulnerability data from Tenable.ot, Tenable’s software module for monitoring OT (operations technology) assets.

This is a key development for the Now platform given its focus on eliminating information siloes in operations workflows and associated data by connecting people, functions, and systems on one platform. With Tenable’s Predictive Prioritization capabilities integrated in the Now platform, users can prioritize the IT and OT flaws that pose the greatest risk to their business and then remediate them within a streamlined workflow through ServiceNow’s Vulnerability Response module.

According to the companies, "utilizing Tenable’s unified assessment and remediation guidance, this new integration streamlines asset inventory and centralizes IT and OT remediation workflows across converged industrial environments."

Moreover, by bringing both IT and OT data together in one combined system, Tenable hopes that its integration with ServiceNow will provide methods for visibility and control over OT assets in a manner that is more consistent with those that have been used for IT in the past.

“As industrial networks become increasingly more complex with a mixture of IT and OT, it is more critical than ever to know what assets and vulnerabilities are in your environment,” said Ray Komar, vice president of technical alliances at Tenable. “The days of managing multiple spreadsheets across disparate teams are over.”

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