Seeq Earns AWS Competency Status

Feb. 3, 2020
Driven by the growing trend of industrial organizations’ use of the cloud for data analytics, Seeq obtains Amazon Web Services Industrial Software Competency and makes their advanced analytics offering available via software-as-a-service.

Over the past few years, industrial technology suppliers have been making key functions of their technologies available via the cloud. Industrial analytics software provider Seeq, which has long been a player in the cloud delivery of its software, has taken an even bigger step in this direction by achieving Amazon Web Services (AWS) Industrial Software Competency status. The company has also made its advanced analytics offering available via software-as-a-service (SaaS) in the AWS Marketplace.

“Almost 20% of Seeq customers run Seeq in the cloud, either in their tenant or licensed as a SaaS application, and we are seeing a rapid increase in customer demand for Seeq in the cloud,” said Michael Risse, vice president and chief marketing officer at Seeq. “Cloud deployments get set up faster than on-premise [installations], are simpler for customers in terms of feature updates, and can be scaled more easily with higher customer use.”

Risse noted that the scalability of cloud deployments is important for many of Seeq’s customers, especially in the oil and gas industry. “Seeq has multiple customers with more than 1,000 users,” he said.

In its news release about earning the AWS competency status, Seeq said receiving this status shows that the company has “delivered proven customer success though providing specialized solutions aligning with AWS architectural best practices to support the Production and Operations category in the AWS Industrial Software Competency. It also shows that Seeq has completed AWS’s technical validation related to industry specific technology, as well as related security, performance, and reliability assessments.

Risse stressed that obtaining AWS’s Industrial Software Competency status is not an easy achievement. “Out of the thousands of AWS partners, there are less than 25 vendors to have achieved Industrial Competency,” he said. This status is also an identifier of AWS Partner Network Partners with deep industry consulting and technology experience and expertise.

In addition to their advanced analytics offering being available in the AWS marketplace, Seeq offers integration with a few AWS services, including: AWS Dynamo, AWS Redshift (SQL data warehouse), AWS S3 (datalake), and AWS Sagemaker (machine learning studio). Risse says the integration between Seeq and AWS compliments Seeq’s existing partnership with Microsoft Azure (where Seeq is an Azure co-sell ready partner). The Seeq partnership with Microsoft includes Seeq SaaS on Azure and Seeq support for Azure data sources (SQL Data Warehouse, Time Series Insights, Data Lake).

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