Dorner’s Flexible Conveyors Take Center Stage at PACK EXPO Booth

Sept. 28, 2021
Product Demonstrations include the FlexMove Helix and Helix Wedge Modular Belt Conveyors.

Dorner is exhibiting a collection of its conveyance products at PACK EXPO Las Vegas with an emphasis on modular applications.

The company’s first pair of demonstrations includes the FlexMove Helix conveyor and the Helix Wedge conveyor. The FlexMove Helix is a vertically ascending spiral conveyor which can allow products to make tight turns while maintaining a small equipment footprint. According to Dorner, the space-saving nature of the design can grant end-users more flexibility for carrying out applications such as accumulation and buffering in confined spaces. The Helix Wedge is aimed at conveying products that need to be held in place more securely while moving up and down steep inclines. To achieve this, items are gripped on both sides as they move across the conveyor.

According to the company, the emphasis on flexibility and modularity is driven by an increasing need among manufacturers to accomplish more with less space. As such, the reconfigurability of both products can allow end-users to exercise more creativity in how they layout their plant floor in order to maximize efficiency.

Dorner is also focusing on sanitary conveyors, including its AquaPruf VBT, AquaGard LPZ, and AquaGard Modular Belt Conveyors. The AquaPruf VBT is a vertical belt conveyor designed to move bulk products in completely straight-up 90° sanitary applications, and includes a proprietary staggered sidewall belt design to increase pocket capacity and improve product release. The AquaGard LPZ is a variant, which allows the conveyor to accommodate a variety of height and angle requirements. Finally, the AquaGard Modular Belt Conveyor uses a central bearing to eliminate friction. Due to this, it can carry a heavier load and allows four curves to be driven by a single motor, which saves floor space as the conveyor can make tight turns around existing machinery and equipment without being hindered by extra motors.

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