Turck Automation Solutions Improve Conveyor and Inventory Systems

Oct. 23, 2021
Ultra-high frequency RFID inventory management system, I/O blocks, and Turck programmable HMI, which is both HMI and PLC, feature at PACK EXPO Las Vegas.

Turck Vilant Systems RFID portal was highlighted in Turck’s booth at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, and which serves as an inventory management system that uses ultra-high frequency RFID to count products as they move to and from warehouse and shipping. The portal is available as a gateway, in fork truck-mounted format, in RFID readers, or other solutions to manage inventory throughout a facility.

Also at the show, Turck showed a conveyor demo, showcasing various Turck products and how they can be used in the packaging industry, especially automotive and other wet, harsh environments. First was Turck connectivity through a power fast line that brings in the power between the drive and the motor, and which is a 30 AMP backbone feeding the I/O blocks which use anywhere from four to nine AMPs.

Another product is Turck programmable HMI, which is an HMI and PLC that communicates over ethernet IP to the blocks on the machine as well as the frequency drive.

“It’s a codeless programmable environment where you do your PLC and your HMI in the same engineering tool. We also have a cloud service connected. So, this HMI has a 4G backpack on it that allows it to connect to the internet, to the Turck cloud services,” said Kyle Hall, senior project engineer, Fieldbus Technology, Turck. 

Other Turck products on the conveyor demo included:

  • Electrical panel built by Turck Engineered Products and Solutions (TEPS)
  • Power disconnects for smaller motors that are inside the system
  • Turck power supply
  • A 16 discrete input I/O link block on the machine

Hall explained that the company can offer panel builds using Turck components and competitor components as well.

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