Festo Spotlights Intralogistics

April 26, 2024
Electric and pneumatic intralogistics systems from Festo are designed to handle the push, sort, grip, pick, lift and convey functions required for intralogistics material handling.

Illustrating how automation technologies are characterizing modern manufacturing intralogistics operations, Festo is featuring its array of electric and pneumatic components for intralogistics motion automation.

7th axis bin picking robots

For bin picking, Festo offers its 7th-axis robots, which operate on an electromechanical linear actuator moving horizontally, vertically or both to handle picking and placing as well as unloading and loading applications. The 7th axis is achieved by adding a linear rail to extend the reach of a six-axis robot. Festo said that, because robots are sized by reach—the longer the reach the larger the unit—7th-axis systems can use smaller robots to lower acquisition cost. Smaller robots also mean a more compact footprint. 

Festo end effectors for bin-picking applications include the adaptive shape gripper DHEF, the adaptive finger gripper DHAS and vacuum grippers.

The company’s EGC belt-driven linear axes for 7th-axis robotic systems are equipped with a robot/cobot mounting plate. The EGC has an energy chain for cable management and servo motors. Standard EGC axes are available in lengths of up to 8.5 m with up to 10 m axes available on request. 

In addition to 7th-axis robots used for linear transfer, the Festo Motion Control Package (FMCP) panel controls turntables, automatic storage systems, conveyors and transfer tables. The FMCP provides extra space within the panel for future expansion and brackets for wall mounting to reduce system footprint.

Push, sort, lift

The Festo Simplified Motion Series (SMS) electric axes are comparable to pneumatics in cost and ease of installation yet offer lower energy consumption than pneumatics and generate a wealth of data. SMS axes deliver two-position motion through onboard controls. Using IO-Link, a standard SMS feature, these axes can be programmed for variable positioning to provide flexible pushing and sorting.

For applications where pneumatics are the optimum cost/performance solution, Festo provides its DFSP pneumatic stopper cylinder, the DSNU ISO standard round-body cylinder with self-adjusting end position cushioning and the compact, double-acting ADN for fixed or self-adjusting cushioning. 

The ELGA and ELGC actuators, EMMT-AS one-wire servo motor and CMMT-AS multi-protocol servo drive are designed for Z-axis motion, allowing users to add Festo axes to gain X and Y motion for lift and position capabilities. 

Remote and distributed I/O platforms

When using Festo’s CPX-AP-A distributed I/O or CPX-AP-I decentralized I/O, all components such as PLCs, valves, motors, drives and I/O appear to the programmer in one smart terminal under a single IP address. Having the entire distributed and decentralized I/O topology under a single IP address reduces hardware and installation costs as well as system complexity. 

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