Saelig: Universal PCB Test System

The ABI BoardMaster 8000 PLUS is a comprehensive set of test instruments, complete with built-in PC, for testing and fault-finding on almost any kind of PCB.

Aw 14931 1302np Saelig

The unit is an integrated package of high specification instrumentation controlled by sophisticated but easy to use software. The hardware is installed in a transportable case that also contains a Windows PC. Designed as a modular system, it can be customized for specific applications, and its software can be configured to guide users step-by-step through a test procedure, with custom-annotated picture images, instructions, and attached datasheets to give quick Pass/Fail results. A typical configuration offers two board fault locator modules, with 128 test channels for multiple test methods for fault diagnosis and functional testing of digital ICs (in-circuit/out-of-circuit), IC connections status, and voltage acquisition, V-I curve testing of components on unpowered boards, as well as an analog IC tester for in-circuit functional testing of analog ICs and discrete components (no programming or circuit diagrams needed). The system also includes a multiple instrument station with eight test and measurement instruments in one module (frequency counter, digital storage oscilloscope, function generator, digital floating multimeter, auxiliary PSU, and universal I/O) plus a triple output variable power supply.

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