Rafael Amaral

Principal Consultant, Nukon

Rafael has been helping manufacturing businesses worldwide to increase their operational efficiency, service level, and quality for more than 17 years.

As Chief Technical Officer for Nukon, he led a team of sixteen software and systems developers to enable industrial digital transformations across several verticals. His team works on improvement solutions to suit all business maturity levels and all software landscapes, from very simple to high-end state-of-the-art operations.

Nukon is a SAGE Group company, specializing in the operational technology and digital transformation space. When working with their clients, they actively bring them along on the journey as we transform their existing infrastructures, unify business silos, and utilize technology to extract business value.

Each project is unique, so they approach it differently for each client – from the strategy level, roadmap, and the selection of software and integration required.

Through his work with manufacturing clients, he's seen how many businesses are still managing their supply chain and execution processes with basic spreadsheets and paperwork. Knowing that moving to a digital solution nowadays is not as complicated and expensive as people may think motivates him to see the potential of helping businesses improve and thrive. 

This led them towards developing alternative approaches to traditional complicated Supply Management systems, convoluted MES platforms, and machine-oriented OEE software. They're currently piloting our cloud-based digital operations platform, TilliT, and Rafael is excited for clients to see the benefits this can bring to their own operations!