Weidmuller: DIN-Rail Mounted Circuit Breakers

The BR Series are UL 489 Branch rated and the SU Series are UL 1077 approved for Supplementary protection.

Aw 18154 1309np Weidmuller 0

These lever-operated breakers use thermal-magnetic technology, have ratings up to 277/480 V and 60 A in 1, 2 and 3 pole formats, and are available immediately with C or D trip characteristics. The ranges are designed for industrial control applications, especially where the control equipment may be in an environment that needs to resist vibration and mechanical shock. Taking just 17.5 mm on the rail, the breakers give users a choice of wire-end ferrules or ring lug terminations for the supply and load, as well as UL-approved bus-bar accessories to simplify and reduce installation time. To maximize security and safety, the operating lever can be locked, off or on, and the IP20 connections can be supplied with optional touch protection caps.

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