Honeywell: Alarm Management Software

DynAMo Alarm Suite reduces the overall number of alarms while helping operators focus and respond to those most critical.

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Alarms in a plant can range from nuisance alarms like the opening of an electrical switch room door to notification of a critical equipment failure. Ineffective management of nuisance alarms can lead to incidents that cost the process industry billions of dollars, and pose an increased risk of fatigue and stress for operators. This software can help users reduce overall alarm count by as much as 80 percent, identify maintenance issues, and increase visibility of critical alarms that require urgent attention. Its customizable, role-based dashboard enables operators, engineers and managers to view the health of their alarm system at a glance. A key feature of the new software is that it is compatible with many mobile devices, enabling personnel to view alarm metrics at any time, from almost any location. This ease of access enables more frequent monitoring and faster corrective action, which helps alleviate a major fatigue factor of operators. The software can be integrated with the company's Experion Process Knowledge System, as well as any other control system.

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