Weidmuller: Surge Detector And Recorder

The Varitector Logger 30 is designed to detect transient surges over 50 A in ground circuits of industrial control systems.

Aw 21485 1403np Weidmuller

The self-contained and DIN rail mounted IP20 module with an integral LCD display provides access to time-stamped surge event data, and makes it possible to verify how many transient events have occurred, along with their timing. It counts the current pulses greater than a set threshold value that are discharged by PE conductors on surge protection devices. Any lightning strikes and surge voltages are continuously recorded. Each measurement is issued with a time stamp accurate to the hour and both the time and date. Using this information, engineers can design and implement appropriate systems as well as tweak existing ones to ensure they are continuously functioning at optimal levels and protected against surges. Maintenance staff can verify installed units and forward plan routine maintenance tasks. The device uses an external sensor with a ferrite toroid; clipped to the earth cable, it detects current peaks on the PE conductor which can be caused by events such as a lightning strike.

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