SKF: Laser Vibrometer

The MSL-7000 series measures vibration and structure-borne noise from fans, electric motors and pumps without making contact with their surfaces.

Aw 26387 1408np Skf

The technology benefits from a high-end contactless velocity proportional sensor and is especially suitable to perform process-integrated, "end of line" acoustic inspections of noise-critical equipment for information on manufacturing quality and compliance with a product's acoustic emission limits. The direct integration of the vibrometer into a production line ultimately can create a real-time quality control system for products enabling pass/fail decisions on the basis of structure-borne vibration. The vibrometer further supports flexible re-setting of manufacturing batches and test setups. The unit cannot wear (no contacting parts) and does not require servo-mechanisms or noise protection gear during use. It can cover acoustic measurements from 0.2 Hz (for slow rotations) up to 22 kHz and can integrate easily into a manufacturing line and existing control systems.

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