Emerson: Portable Machinery Health Analyzer

The CSI 2140 adds an interface to laser shaft alignment fixtures, making technicians' field time more productive.

Aw 82806 1506np Emerson

The wireless interface to popular laser shaft alignment tools reduces two burdens - equipment and time - for operators performing vibration analysis and corrective tasks in the field. The analyzer already offers four-channel plus phase data collection to save time and effort, advanced vibration analysis that embeds expertise in the tool, and multi-plane balancing to correct imbalance in industrial fans. The wireless link to laser fixtures streamlines the work process: personnel can perform route-based vibration data collection; analyze the root cause; and align the machine, all in one trip. At the same time they can identify and solve machinery faults to prevent any unplanned downtime. The shaft alignment option uses the company's intuitive interface to guide technicians through a three-step process that quickly achieves precision alignment. The laser fixtures employ a unique Sweep technology to measure misalignment easily, even in tight clearance applications. An advanced option monitors the corrective machine moves in vertical and horizontal directions simultaneously. All data collected can be uploaded wirelessly to a single database using the AMS Suite: Machinery Health Manager software. This enables the maintenance team to collect data, analyze problems, and document results in parallel.

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