Wireless Condition Monitoring

Fluke Condition Monitoring is a system of voltage, current, temperature, and power sensors that can be moved from asset to asset or left in place for continuous monitoring.

Aw 107400 1610np Fluke

It gives maintenance teams a practical, scalable system that delivers the continuous data and alarms they need to prevent equipment downtime without costly equipment retrofits or specialized training. One system can manage the entire process — from equipment inspection and monitoring to setting alarm thresholds and assigning repairs. Technicians can put it wherever they need additional eyes on their equipment. And the new sensors funnel data into the same Fluke Connect reliability platform as all of the company’s other connected test tools. The system consists of wireless sensors and a gateway that receives signals from the sensors from up to 30 feet away and works seamlessly with such company technologies as iFlex current probes, current clamps, temperature sensors and three-phase power monitoring. Maintenance technicians can set the system up and begin monitoring in a matter of minutes, with the sensors transmitting measurements to the cloud as frequently as one measurement per second. Equipment data and alarm notifications are viewed through the Fluke Connect platform on a smartphone or web browser.

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