Wireless Environmental Monitoring System

The SynapSense Wireless Environmental Monitoring System from Panduit is a low-cost, easy-to-deploy solution to gather, communicate and visualize environmental data within the facility for improved reliability, product quality and energy optimization.

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The system seamlessly adds IoT intelligence and analytics to existing cloud applications to reduce waste in the facility. Integrating environmental data with cloud computing and IoT platforms is becoming increasingly important as the number of connected things and companies utilizing IoT is on an exponential rise. According to industry analysts, 30 billion devices may be a part of IoT by 2020. This system’s wireless mesh sensing technology delivers granular temperature, humidity and differential air pressure data to the IoT application at a fraction of the time and cost of wired solutions. The software package includes tools to visualize, analyze and alarm from multiple devices, easing deployment and allowing immediate use of collected data. Complete kits with detailed instructions are available to further speed learning and deployment.

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