Condition Monitoring System now Includes Thermal Imaging Sensors

Fluke has added the new 3550 FC Thermal Imaging Sensor to its Condition Monitoring system.

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This gives maintenance managers the ability to collect a more comprehensive variety of key-indicator data — thermal imaging, voltage, current, temperature, and power — on critical equipment to build a real-time picture of an asset’s condition. With the right mix of data in one place, managers can implement planned maintenance and decrease the frequency of preventive rounds. The 3550 FC thermal imaging sensor is the first thermal imaging condition monitoring sensor to visualize thermal patterns on multiple assets. Alarms can be set to notify the user when the center-point temperature exceeds preset parameters. The sensor communicates directly with the Fluke Connect Cloud for continuous streaming of thermal images, enabling maintenance managers to detect problems by visually inspecting sequential thermal images remotely. The software aggregates data pooling measurements from the company’s wireless tools with real-time condition monitoring data and historical records for a complete picture of asset health, and gives maintenance teams a practical, scalable system that allows them to visualize live readings. This accelerates issue detection, analysis, and resolution to optimize the lifespan of critical equipment without invasive retrofits or specialized training. Alarms can be set to notify technicians via their mobile phones when specific measurement thresholds have been hit, allowing teams to take immediate action to resolve issues.

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