Predictive Maintenance System

The TACTIX 24x7 predictive maintenance system from ProAxion reduces the cost and simplifies the process of measuring, transmitting, and analyzing vibration and temperature data for remote monitoring of rotating machines.

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Requiring no additional hardware to integrate with a local network, nor significant time and expertise to set up, the system is “plug & play,” and allows users to go from setup to monitoring live data in minutes. The system consists of three-axis vibration and temperature sensors; a gateway that connects the sensors to the company cloud via cellular, Wi-Fi or Ethernet; and a monitoring service that provides 24x7 remote monitoring of machine health, historical trending of vibration and temperature data, diagnostic analysis plots (FFT and waveform), configurable text and email alerts, and unlimited data storage and historical downloads. It is Web-based, requires no software installation, and runs on a PC, tablet, and phone. Features include industrial-rated enclosures (NEMA 4X), the latest security protocols (HTTPS / TLS 1.2), and automatic software updates for life.

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