Predictive Maintenance Software Upgraded

Senseye’s cloud-based software automates analysis of condition monitoring data and enables advanced prognostic capabilities, automatically diagnosing machine failure as well as forecasting the likelihood of future failure with a high degree of accuracy.

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The product’s Machine Learning engine learns and adapts to machine behaviour and requires no configuration by the end user. Abnormal behaviour results in the generation of actionable insights, directing maintenance effort where it is most urgently needed. This enables the software to build highly detailed models of actual and likely machine performance — regardless of the size or location of an operator’s machine install base. Enhancements for 2018 include additional scalability, enabling manufacturers to monitor and share the learning of Remaining Useful Life of thousands of machines based across multiple geographies; new compatibility with leading third-party industrial platforms, including GE Predix, Siemens MindSphere and SAP Plant Maintenance (SAP PM); and compatibility with the PTC ThingWorx Marketplace to offer predictive maintenance to users of PTC’s leading ThingWorx industrial innovation platform.

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