Plant Maintenance

Motion's mobile roller drive belt workstation.

Mobile Conveyor Belt Replacement

Motion develops a mobile roller drive belt workstation featuring its own roller drive belts in partnership with Flexco for belt press and punch devices.
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Siemens Industrial Copilot Uses AI for Human-Machine Collaboration

Siemens and Microsoft announce the release of Siemens Industrial Copilot, which uses generative AI to improve how manufacturers design, develop, manufacture and operate.
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Trio of Technologies Improve Industrial Maintenance

How augmented reality, computerized maintenance management and enterprise asset management are increasingly being combined for more effective maintenance operations.
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Industrial Maintenance Analytics as a Service

Fluke Reliability acquires Azima DLI and its Watchman 360 vibration analytics platform to extend its maintenance-as-a-service capabilities.
An example of Weidmüller's private label, configurable Codesys-based control platform—which can run u-OS—built and tested in an IP65-rated enclosure.

An Open OS for Cloud Management of Industrial Devices

Weidmüller releases it u-OS system for diagnostics and fleet management while minimizing vendor lock-in for end users and OEMs.
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Siemens and Microsoft Team Up with Open AI

By connecting Siemens Teamcenter PLM with Microsoft Teams and OpenAI’s ChatGPT, multiple new capabilities can be brought to industry, from helping frontline workers correct equipment...
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Connecting SCADA and Robots

Mitsubishi Electric’s acquisition of SCADA software supplier Iconics supports preventative and predictive maintenance applications for robots and other automated machinery.


Click Relay Simulator Modules 5x7

AutomationDirect adds Click PLC input simulator and high-current relay output modules

Higher amperage relay output modules and an 8-point input simulator module are now available from AutomationDirect for the Click series stackable micro brick PLCs.


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Motion's Mobile Conveyor Belt Repair Station

Motion supplies the RedDrive conveyor belt replacements for Dematic and Honeywell Intelligrated conveyor systems and its mobile workstation features an integrated belt holder ...
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Weidmüller's u-OS for Device Maintenance and App Integration

Ken Crawford, senior director of automation at Weidmüller USA says, u-OS is designed to “ensure future resilience and ease of system migration by eliminating reliance on a single...
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Mitsubishi Electric Connects Robots with SCADA

Connecting robots to Mitsubishi Electrics' SCADA software (acquired from Iconics) visualizes the robot’s axis positions, enables access to the robot’s control applications and...
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The Benefits of Change Management in Industrial Automation Workflows

While long employed in the IT, change management has yet to become standard operating procedure in the OT space, despite its many benefits.


Ap Survival Guide

Automation Project Survival Guide

Ideas to help you land on your feet.