ATS: Production Data Gathering Software

Nov. 14, 2013
ATS Intelligence allows manufacturers to collect the data they need to calculate the OEE of their manufacturing processes.

Manufacturing intelligence and the calculation of metrics are playing an ever increasing part in the performance of manufacturing companies. The availability of production data is critical to the decision making process. This is an area in which companies that do not have a standardized KPI framework in place need to invest. This software's intuitive user interface allows the operator to record easily all of the information required to calculate the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) in real time. It makes it possible to collect and analyze the amount of material or product being manufactured, the machine or process manufacturing the product, the equipment's optimum rate of production for each material, and the breakdown of reasons that reduce the total available time to the actual running time for a piece of equipment.. The company's Advanced Reporting Services makes it possible to explore the details and nuances of all the information gathered from anywhere using a web browser. It allows viewing the OEE of everything, from an individual machine to an entire plant.

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