Mobile Conveyor Belt Replacement

Nov. 7, 2023
Motion develops a mobile roller drive belt workstation featuring its own roller drive belts in partnership with Flexco for belt press and punch devices.

Industrial technology distributors are, as the name implies, distributors of products developed by other companies. Motion, however, also develops some of its own products in partnership with the suppliers it distributes for.

At Pack Expo 2023, Michael Horan with Motion showcased a mobile roller drive belt workstation that enables Motion’s customers with large shipping operations, such as e-commerce companies and distribution centers, to move the workstation to any place in their facility for on-the-spot conveyor belt replacements. Motion supplies the RedDrive conveyor belt replacements for Dematic and Honeywell Intelligrated conveyor systems. Horan explained that the mobile workstation features an integrated belt holder and can be moved with a forklift.

Tools for roller drive belt replacements featured on the workstation include Flexco’s Novitool Aero 325 splice press, Novitool Pun M NDX mobile punch system and integrated tool drawers.

According to Horan, Motion’s mobile roller drive belt workstation has been shown to reduce belt replacement installation time by 50% and reduce conveyor belt tension by 25% or more.

See Motion's Michael Horan describe the mobile roller drive belt workstation and its components in the video below.

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