Creating Algorithms to Improve Production

Sept. 25, 2019
Golden Run optimizes machine performance with artificial intelligence algorithms.

At PACK EXPO, Oden Technologies demonstrated its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered recommendation engine, Golden Run, which uses data to find the optimal conditions for production.

As the Golden Run looks at how a manufacturer previously made a product, it identifies the best sections of each run and uses those insights to create perfect run settings. With the Golden Run, there is no need for human analysis or input—the calculation is all done through the algorithm, the company states.

For example, if an operator ran a stable production for two days and the process ran at optimum efficiency for just 15 minutes, the Golden Run engine would define the perimeters of that time. Using these new settings, operators could replicate the same optimal conditions for the full duration of their next run. In other words, instead of running at maximum efficiency for a short burst of time, they can now do the full run using these “golden” optimum settings. The more historical data users have for a product, the more there is for the AI algorithms to crawl through, providing better insights.

Oden Technologies’ CEO Willem Sundblad will present the benefits of connected factories Wednesday, Sept. 15 at 12 p.m. at one of PACK EXPO’s Innovation Stages. He will also be sharing more information about Golden Run, and how it can be used practically in the packaging and processing space.