OEE and DTM solutions improve the bottom line

June 26, 2009
In this new white paper, Hyla Soft explains how plant inefficiencies can be decreased through collecting and displaying data on performance, quality, availability, and the underlying causes of downtime. 
The white paper focuses on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), solutions that are complemented by a Downtime Management System (DTM). The OEE/DTM strategy enables a closed loop improvement process that can significantly contribute to improving production and overall operational efficiency.When faced with tough economic times, manufactures are now more than ever, realizing the importance of capturing efficiency metrics associate with lines and plants as a whole. With the cost of energy/materials on the rise and consumer spending down, efficiency plays a vital role in improving a plant’s production process to help sustain and surpass acceptable margins. With this in mind the question now becomes, what can we “the plant” do to achieve the largest and quickest return on investment? The answer, OEE/DTM solutions or Overall Equipment Effectiveness complimented by a Downtime Management System.Download white paper