Integrating B&R Controls with Codian Robots

Oct. 19, 2023
The open nature of Codian robotics was on display at Pack Expo to show how the company’s array of delta robots can be integrated with B&R controls and mechatronic transport systems.
Following ABB’s acquisition of B&R in 2017, the integration of B&R controls with ABB technologies was an obvious goal. At Pack Expo 2023, however, it was clear that such integration capabilities expand beyond the ABB/B&R universe.

The B&R and Codian exhibits at the event showcased the integration of each other’s technologies. More specifically, B&R controls and transport technologies with Codian’s delta robots. According to the two companies, the combination of B&R's technologies with Codian mechanics provides machine builders and manufacturers a single source for robotics and automation for precise synchronization, ease of engineering and flexible system development for packaging applications and the life sciences industries.

Two highlights at the companies’ exhibits showing the integration of the companies’ technologies were:

  • A demonstration of Codian delta robots working in synchronization with B&R’s Acopos 6D mechatronic product transport. Learn more about B&R’s Acopos 6D and how it’s levitating tiles can be used to transport materials in a variety of industrial applications in this podcast with B&R’s Kristen Ballistrea
  • The application of B&R controls with Codian’s new D4-ST21 delta robot. This new delta robot is designed for high-speed applications and can feature three to five axes. In the demonstration featured at Pack Expo, Chandler Downing of Codian noted how, with these new delta robots, it’s possible to generate a higher pick density in a smaller space by mounting two of these delta robots very closely together. “More closely than most other delta robots in the market,” he added. “This allows us to have a reduced machine footprint while also increasing the pick density of the robots—we're able to do a lot more work in a smaller footprint.” 

Downing pointed out that Codian still maintains its openness to work with different control suppliers. “If you're looking to install a delta robot with whatever controls you have in your infrastructure, we can use Codian mechanics to leverage what you already have in place,” he said.