4K 3D Profile Laser Line Profile Sensor

June 7, 2023

The Z-Trak LP2C 3D profile sensor family for in-line 3D measurement and inspection applications is the latest member of Teledyne Dalsa’s Z-Trak family. The sensors deliver 4,096 samples per profile and an X resolution down to 3.5 microns. These factory calibrated sensors are ready for use directly from the box and combine high scanning speeds with easy-to-use software tools, delivering highly repeatable and accurate height, width and length measurements. Z-Trak models are available for measurement ranges of up to 650mm and have a horizontal field-of-view of up to 1200mm. The LP2C 4K series can also handle a wide variety of surface and material types with its red and blue eye-safe lasers. They can also generate additional metadata that up-stream algorithms can use to eliminate unwanted reflections.