Aveva Integrates EPC Software for Collaboration

The integrated portfolio of engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) software is designed to help customers streamline the way capital-intensive process industry projects are engineered and executed.

Aveva Integrates EPC Software for Collaboration
Aveva Integrates EPC Software for Collaboration

Aveva has released a newly integrated suite of engineering, procurement, and construction software. With this software package, Aveva claims the entire manufacturing process can be traced, tracked, and linked—from engineering and design, through procurement and construction, to handover, and then to operations and maintenance—as a comprehensive digital twin for the capital asset.

The portfolio comprises three software offerings:

  • Aveva Unified Engineering integrates process design with front-end engineering and detailed 3D-based design. It also enables the integration of the process model and plant model lifecycles—from concept to detailed design—to allow engineers to collaborate in the cloud, resulting in improvement to engineering efficiency in front-end engineering design;
  • Aveva Unified Project Execution integrates with Aveva Unified Engineering to further break down the silos within procurement and construction by combining contract risk management, materials and supply chain control, and construction management into one cloud-based, digital project execution environment; and
  • Aveva Enterprise Learning enables rapid skilling of operators and engineers using Extended Reality (XR) and simulation tools to ensure efficient startups and shutdowns, normal operations, and the ability to handle abnormal situations. It combines traditional simulation-based learning with 3D-connected learning management offerings and extends process models and 3D models from Aveva Unified Engineering to fast track distributed control system operator training, field operator training, process and maintenance procedural training, and process safety situational awareness training using cloud and XR technology.


According to Aveva, the functionality provided in this integrated software suite enables an EPC 4.0 strategy for owner operators—central to digital transformation in the capital-intensive process sectors—allowing for collaboration on a global scale through hybrid cloud architectures on a common platform.

“This launch builds on the recent news describing Aveva’s capabilities as the first company in the engineering and industrial software market to comprehensively address the end-to-end digital transformation imperatives,” said Craig Hayman, CEO, Aveva. “It changes the way that owner operators engage with EPC companies in designing, building, commissioning, and operating their capital assets.”

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