Supply Chain Management


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Procurement as Part of Your Automation Strategy

Sourcing experts at DigiKey share their insights on the importance of digitizing and automating procurement operations to better handle expected and unexpected supply chain issues.
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Simulation Helps Solve Supply Chain Problems

As supply chains become increasingly perceived as strategic tools for business performance and growth, simulation technologies can help govern logistical calculations among entities...
These switches from Phoenix Contact are among the products that members of PI design for Profinet.

Profinet: Designed for Openness and Determinism

A look at Profinet’s development, from its Profibus fieldbus origins to its adpatability amid industrial Ethernet’s evolution, and how it provides the determinism required by ...
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How to Pivot from Vision to Value

Too many industrial companies get bogged down in their digital transformation initiatives because they focus on refining the structure of their program as it matures rather than...
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The Next Phase of Supply Chain is Here. Are You Ready?

Supply chain disruption remains a persistent challenge. Companies, especially in North America, are responding by rethinking global supply chain networks for greater resilience...

Amazon Now Offers Supply Chain Software

The cloud-based AWS Supply Chain application requires no upfront licensing fees, long-term commitment requirements or the need to re-platform legacy software.
Apptronik Apollo

A Robot for a Range of Applications

Apptronik and NASA ready Apollo, a humanoid mobile robot that can manipulate the environment.
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Top Sustainability Trends in Manufacturing

Explore practices that contribute to a comprehensive sustainability strategy, that work alongside reducing CO2 emissions, to slow down global warming.


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Invensys: Off-sites Software Suite Updated

Release 2.3 improves integration support for online process optimization and yield accounting accuracy.
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Tool coding using Industrial RFID

Tool identification using Industrial RFID increases efficiency, as it makes incorrect tool allocation or missing tools a thing of the past. All the tool-relevant data are stored...


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E-Commerce Tech Giant Enters the Industrial Technology Space

With its new AWS Supply Chain and Monitron predictive maintenance products, Amazon extends its reach into the industrial marketplace.
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Technologies for Traceability and Preventing Counterfeiting

FDA takes closer look at food safety in e-commerce models; Alitheon’s optical AI combats counterfeiting.

ERP’s Growing Importance to Production Operations

How manufacturers are leveraging the connection between ERP and plant floor systems to improve production operations.
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Demo Shows PLC, RFID, Profinet, and Variable Frequency Drive Technology

Conveyor picking and delivery, conveyor replenishment and new product spotlight: Simogear geared motor delivers 96% mechanical efficiency, NEMA class, for conveyor applications...