Digital Transformation Fails Without People

The key to successful digitalization isn’t in the technology—it’s all about the people who will use it. A people-centered approach to digitalization can help process manufacturers maximize the benefits.

3 Simple Ways to Empower an Industry 4.0 Workforce

Technology may be the defining characteristic of Industry 4.0, but skilled workers represent a massive opportunity. Manufacturers who invest in and empower their frontline workforce...

Traditional Ladder Logic Vs. Newer Programming Languages

While acknowledging the potential benefits of Python and C++, engineers caution against their indiscriminate use, particularly if there are existing IEC 61131 functions available...

The Industrial Ecosystem of ctrlX World

The system's cabinet-free technology offers adaptable machine design with a smaller footprint and improved cable management.

ABB Acquires Spring Point Solutions, Growing Motor Services Presence

The acquisition involves the integration of SaaS ERP for motor repair facilities.

Insights from the 2023 ODVA Conference

The event featured updates from ODVA's leadership on achievements like the launch of Ethernet-APL, collaborations in process automation, security and energy management.
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Gen Z and Industry

As the manufacturing industries continue to face an ongoing worker shortage, addressing Gen Z’s concerns about industry could go a long way toward reducing the problem.

Cognex Joins Osaro Partners Alliance

The collaborative program aims to optimize purchasing and deployment processes by fostering a community where members can share knowledge, resources and expertise.


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OnRobot Showcases Sander Tool for Cobots

Exhibited at Automate 2022, the OnRobot Sander can be used with a variety of collaborative robots from Universal Robots and other major suppliers.
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Digital Workflow Tools for Knowledge Transfer Across Operations

J.M. Smucker, Covestro, Pretium use digital workflows for factory, field workers.
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Lean Digitization System at Schneider Electric Factory

This video shows how Schneider Electric uses Aveva’s Lean Digitization System to display Andon notifications, line performance, work order management, Kanban, workforce interaction...


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The Long Term Effects of Remote Access

As the virtual world creates new end user expectations, OEMs and technology suppliers are required to partner in new ways.