Energy Management: Tips for Packaging Machinery OEMs

See below for tips on how to reduce energy consumption:

  • Build a sustainability strategy around source reduction for your customers, including packaging materials, ancillary products, and energy and water.
  • Seek ways to minimize and document your products’ energy consumption in anticipation of likely future customer requirements.
  • Use a recognized methodology to document your machinery’s sustainability attributes, such as Total Cost of Ownership, Life Cycle Assessment, or Overall Equipment Effectiveness.
  • Benchmark your products and services relative to the Sustainable Packaging Coalition’s definition of sustainability, an informal but widely recognized packaging industry benchmark.
  • Form strategic relationships, as appropriate, with converters or other suppliers of packaging, ancillary products, machinery or automation.

Source: “Report on Packaging Machinery Sustainability,” by Padraic Sweeney in the Office of Transportation and Machinery of the U.S. Department of Commerce.
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