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Why Manufacturers Are Reluctant to Digitalize (and Why They Shouldn’t Be)

A certain level of digital maturity isn’t required to begin your digital transformation. Even a factory with older equipment can benefit with as little as a few IoT sensors for less than $1,000.
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Fast-Tracking Compressed Air Management

Intelligent, IIoT-connected air flow monitoring devices combined with preconfigured digital analytics helps identify and resolve excess consumption for ongoing savings.

LG Enters the Industrial AMR Space

The CLOI CarryBot is available in two payload types, both featuring autonomous navigation capabilities as well as fleet management and materials control software.

A Smart Manufacturing Journey at a 90-Year-Old Company

The transformation at Danfoss Group focuses on evaluating business impacts, setting priorities and making changes as needed using MES/MOM, connectivity, OT security and edge technologie...

Redefining Manufacturing with Digital Transformation

As industry confronts the challenges of efficiency, cybersecurity, workforce shortages and the integration of emerging technologies, adopting smart manufacturing practices is ...

Industry 5.0 Principles Animate Comau Advanced Automation Solutions

Live from Automate 2024, an inside look at how the automation specialist is putting people and society first.

Festo Adopts Phoenix Contact’s PLCnext Technology

Festo's decision to adopt PLCnext Technology aligns with its pursuit of an open-system approach for future direction, facilitating the development and launch of innovative products...

Data Logger vs. DAQ

Understand the key differences between data logging and data acquisition.


Product Spotlight: EZ5 Series Human-Machine Interface

EZAutomation, a division of the AVG Group, has released its EZTouch EZ5 series of  HMI/operator interface panels in 4, 7, 8, 10, 12 and 15-inch display sizes with free ...

Fault-Tolerant Edge Computing

Stratus Technologies has released its new Stratus ztC Endurance platform, a new family of fault-tolerant computing platforms for sustainable operations. The platform introduces...
7 23 Piab

Robot Gripper Suction Cup

The FLIW (Foam Lip Wide) from Piab is a new addition to the company’s PiGrip series. Configurable in a multitude of combinations, it is well suited for any picking application...
0523 New Tek

Hermetically Sealed Position Sensors

Offering rugged operations and performance with low power consumption, Newtek’s HI series of hermetically sealed 4-20 mA LVDTs ensure consistent data output and are offered with...


Teradyne Robotics and Nvidia at Automate 2024

The companies are working to enable robots to operate more precisely in unstructured and changing environments.

Automate 2024 Highlights

When I started covering automation and robotics in the early 1990s, I heard from a few experienced editors in the field that, unfortunately, I had missed the heyday of robotics...

Omron and Roeq Expand AMR and Top Module Collaboration

The partnership between Omron and Roeq enables greater focus on intralogistics projects for faster execution.

Schneider Electric Adds Cobots

At Modex 2024, the company showcased this new cobot line with demonstrations of its Lexium RL 3 and RL 18 models as well as information about the forthcoming RL 5 and RL 7 models...


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