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Safety Considerations for Live Measurements

Maintenance of production equipment often requires taking live voltage and current measurements. That’s why it’s critical to be aware of the core safety practices designed to keep you safe.

Robotic Automation and Industry’s Changing Future

From the use of robots to handle repetitive and hazardous tasks to alignment with corporate sustainability goals, robotics are proving to be the answer to industry’s labor shortage...

NIST’s New and Improved Cybersecurity Framework

NIST's ongoing efforts to enhance CSF resources and foster community feedback show its commitment to continually improving cybersecurity practices.

Addressing the Plant Floor Security Challenge

Technologically speaking, IT and OT domains have largely converged. Culturally speaking, there is still a bit of work to do, which leaves industrial operations open to significant...
Source: ABB

BASF Completes Successful Ethernet-APL Tests with ABB DCS

In its first greenfield Ethernet-APL project in Europe, BASF required potential suppliers to conduct Ethernet-APL performance tests before final contracts were awarded.

Robots Enable Cosmetic Packaging Innovation

The Albéa Group uses 70 KUKA robots in its Matamoros, Mexico, plant to flexibly produce 50 million products a month.e

Mobile Robots with Integrated Lifter and Roller Modules Save Integration Time

Omron’s new MD-650 and the MD-900 autonomous mobile robots are designed to integrate with Roeq’s new TML500/TML750 lifter and TR600/TR700 roller modules.
Source: Christof Wolf; Siemens

Siemens Set to Acquire Industrial Drive Business

With the planned acquisition of ebm-papst, Siemens see growth in intelligent, battery-powered drive technologies.


Product Spotlight: EZ5 Series Human-Machine Interface

EZAutomation, a division of the AVG Group, has released its EZTouch EZ5 series of  HMI/operator interface panels in 4, 7, 8, 10, 12 and 15-inch display sizes with free ...

Fault-Tolerant Edge Computing

Stratus Technologies has released its new Stratus ztC Endurance platform, a new family of fault-tolerant computing platforms for sustainable operations. The platform introduces...
7 23 Piab

Robot Gripper Suction Cup

The FLIW (Foam Lip Wide) from Piab is a new addition to the company’s PiGrip series. Configurable in a multitude of combinations, it is well suited for any picking application...
0523 New Tek

Hermetically Sealed Position Sensors

Offering rugged operations and performance with low power consumption, Newtek’s HI series of hermetically sealed 4-20 mA LVDTs ensure consistent data output and are offered with...


Omron and Roeq Expand AMR and Top Module Collaboration

The partnership between Omron and Roeq enables greater focus on intralogistics projects for faster execution.

Schneider Electric Adds Cobots

At Modex 2024, the company showcased this new cobot line with demonstrations of its Lexium RL 3 and RL 18 models as well as information about the forthcoming RL 5 and RL 7 models...

Airskin Demonstrates Application on KUKA Robot at Modex 2024

KUKA showcased how its industrial robots, such as the Agilus, Quantec and Cybertech, can be outfitted with Airskin’s safety skin to allow the robots to operate collaboratively...

Remote Control and Monitoring of Robots

Olis Robotics is working with Kawasaki Robotics Inc., to enable users of Kawasaki robots to reduce troubleshooting and downtime costs by up to 90%,


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