Two New Rugged Touch Panel PCs with Advanced IP65 Rating

The Industrial Automation Group of Advantech introduces the TPC-651H and TPC-1251H fanless touch panel computers.

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Both come with an Intel® Atom™ eMenlow XL processor, -20 ~ 60°C operating temperatures, and a new front sealed design providing advanced IP65 protection. Furthermore, both have received the Energy Star certification, guaranteeing improved power efficiency.

The TPC-651H has a 5.7" SVGA TFT LCD whereas the TPC-1251H has a 12" SVGA TFT LCD. Both provide 2KV isolation protection for all serial ports and have a low voltage processor and heat sink to achieve a unique fanless design. Their backplanes are universal and can be attached to any size TPC family LCD.

The TPC-651H and TPC-1251H provide multiple communication ports (2x serial ports and 2x USB 2.0 ports), allowing connectivity with a variety of peripherals and support for Microsoft Windows XP, Windows XP Embedded, Windows CE.NET, Windows 7, WES 7, WES 2009, and Linux.

The TPC-651H and TPC-1251H are the first Advantech TPC series to be approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. With their NEMA4/IP65 front panel; they are capable of resisting the harsh conditions of any industrial environment, especially outdoor or in the demanding applications of machine automation.

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