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Converge/Divert Materials Safely

Multi-Port Wye Line Diverter Valves enable users to converge or divert materials from one or more sources to one or more destinations.

Aw 920 1102 Np22

Multi-Port Wye Line Diverter Valves include PLC control panels to eliminate the material spills, switching errors and safety hazards typically associated with manual hose manifold stations. Control options include DeviceNet and Profbus-DP, among other communication protocols. Available in 2-in. through 8-in. (50mm to 200mm) pipe or tube sizes, Multi-Port Wye Line Diverters can route non-abrasive or moderately abrasive materials, such as granules, pellets, and powders, from multiple sources to multiple destinations. Systems are available pre-engineered, pre-assembled, pre-plumbed and pre-wired, but can also be custom-built.

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