Rugged, Machine-mountable PC

The Panel PC 725 is designed for on-machine use. A support-arm system permits a flexible mounting position and ergonomic operation.

Aw 934 1102 Np05

With IP65 protection from all sides, the housing is designed to hold up well in harsh environments. The integrated 15-in. touch screen display provides an intuitive human-machine interface. The low power loss of its Intel Atom N270 processor allows fanless operation in a smooth housing—without heat sink fins—enabling easy cleaning. When using CompactFlash cards, the Panel PC 725 has no rotating parts. Two Ethernet interfaces, two USB 2.0 interfaces and one serial interface are provided. While Panel PCs with IP65 protection normally use expensive IP65 connectors, cabling on the Panel PC 725 is handled via the flange, enabling use of cost-effective standard cables. Additionally, the battery and CompactFlash cards are behind a separate cover, which makes service easier.

B&R Industrial Automation Corp.

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