New SmartPhone App Offers Real-Time Updates

Canary Labs announces Canary Mobile for smartphones.

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Canary Mobile uses graphical web page applications specifically designed for viewing on smartphones, including the iPhone, BlackBerry and Droid. Displaying historical trend data and live updates, Canary Mobile allows customers to easily make decisions on the go, increasing production efficiency.

Pages are customized for specific applications and can be rapidly developed, updated and deployed. For instance, an overview page can be designed to show a summary of critical key performance indicators (KPIs) with the latest real-time value. From this overview page, more detailed pages can be viewed, such as specific KPI information. Canary Mobile’s trend view can show real time trends comparing multiple tags—with the current value of each tag shown at one side—and the trend view display can be scrolled back to view the tag’s history.

"Canary Labs data historian solutions deliver accurate and easy-to-view production data, reducing system downtime and waste due to errors and inefficiencies in the production line," said Gary Stem, President of Canary Labs. "There are more than 10,000 implementations of Canary Labs data historian solutions in a broad range of industries spanning throughout 26 countries." Stem adds, "Now, Canary Mobile allows customers to further expand Canary Labs’ reach, bringing proven data historian solutions with them on their mobile devices."

Key features of the Canary Mobile that make it particularly effective and simple to use include:

• Uses graphical web pages shown on mobile smartphones
• Displays historical and live data
• Allows page customization to better suit application requirements
• Facilitates rapid development, updates and deployment of pages

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