Small-Line Process Flowmeter

Jan. 12, 2011
The ST98L In-Line Mass Flow Meter is designed to provide reliable flow measurement for any air or gas mixture in small process line sizes from 1 to 2 inches (25mm to 50mm) where superior accuracy is necessary in demanding industrial environments. 
The ST98L comes in two different flow element styles. The –F style element is suitable for applications in dry, clean air/gases with fluid temperatures up to 350ºF [177ºC]. The –S style flow element is suitable for demanding applications involving dirty or erosive fluids, high moisture content gas or a pulsating flow. The ST98L features accuracy to ±1% of reading, 0.5% of full scale, with repeatability to ±0.5% of reading. It is temperature-compensated for accurate measurement under variable environments. Fluid Components Internationalwww.fluidcomponents.com800.854.1993

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