RF Power for Energy Harvesting

The TX91501 Powercaster Transmitter uses the 915MHz ISM band to transmit common radio waves for power and data in commercial, industrial and defense applications.

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As the power source for the vendor's RF energy-harvesting wireless power solution, the TX91501 broadcasts power and data over 40 feet to its companion Powerharvester receivers. Embedded into micro-power devices such as wireless sensors, instrumentation and controls, the Powerharvester receivers convert the received RF energy into DC power for battery-free operation or to wirelessly trickle-charge batteries. The receivers also output the data broadcast from the TX91501 as well as the received signal strength indication (RSSI). The TX91501 transmitter is approved by the FCC (Part 15) and Industry Canada. Broadcasted RF energy creates a perpetual power source, unlike potentially unreliable solar, heat or vibration energy sources, says the vendor.
Powercast Corp.

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