Compact, Modular Power Analyzer

The WM40-96 Smart Modular Power Analyzer is designed for measuring electrical variables—such as current, voltage, power, energy and harmonics —in applications in which parameters analysis, control, data stamping and retransmission must be very accurate.

Aw 1017 1101 Gavazz
With its streamlined modular basic unit and plug-in modules, the WM40-96 is designed to save space in the back side of control doors and switchgears. The unit includes a keypad and display that includes five rows of measurements and bar-graph power demand indicator. A front optical communication port is designed to enable quick access to measurements and easy programming. Optional hardware expansion modules include: serial, Ethernet and BACNet communication, with or without onboard storage for data logging, digital inputs, static, relay and analog outputs. In addition to electrical measurements, the WM40-96 is capable of temperature and process signal measurements.

Carlo Gavazzi Inc.

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