Cost-effective Graphic HMIs

Two new Touchscreen Graphic HMIs are priced at two-thirds less than comparable competitive units, yet offer equal or better capabilities and performance, according to the vendor.

Aw 1021 1101 Maple
The HMI5043T is a compact, 4.3-in., 16:9 widescreen model priced at $390, and the HMI5104TH is a larger, 10.4-in. high-resolution unit priced at $1,290. Both units have an Ethernet port and VNC server that enables the user to remotely monitor and control the HMI from any location via PC, cell phone or other smart device with Internet connectivity. Both units are enhanced with a 32-bit RISC processor, 128MB of Flash storage and 64MB of data memory.

Maple Systems Inc.

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