iPhone/iPad/iPods as Mobile HMIs

i-View is an "app" that is designed to transform the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch platforms into mobile HMIs to enable real-time remote process control for engineers, plant-floor operators and maintenance technicians.

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With i-View, control engineers can remotely monitor and modify live data from programmable automation controllers on an EtherNet/IP or Modbus TCP/IP network. The app creates a secure cellular or 802.11 interface between the iPhone/iPad/iPod touch devices and the control system. For 802.11 plant-floor network access, the Wi-Fi function of the phone can be used in conjunction with the vendor's 802.11 Industrial Hotspot solutions. For remote applications such as pipeline and well-head monitoring, or where engineers require access from long distances, the vendor's Intelligent Cellular series can be used.

ProSoft Technology Inc.

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